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We strive to ensure you exceed your targets in marketing, sales, and recruiting, find your brand position, and communicate successfully – with impact.

We support you strategically and in practice, on all channels, in many languages. Customers become fans, employees become allies. That’s why some of the top B2B companies in the world trust in us.

Our team of carefully selected consultants, editors, designers, and developers bring you the competitive edge – for your entire company, your department, or for you personally.

That is what has motivated us since 2008.

Meet the team

Laura-Jil Heim

Photographer, poster collector, typography nerd, calligraphy enthusiast, paper lover, night owl, culinary improviser, horror film fan, guitar strummer, museum stroller, follows her nose, ideas sounding board, sarcasm savourer, fast walker, former fencer, occasional scribbler

Daniel Schneider Developer Triggercode

Leimen-born, chatbot expert, rice devourer, weightlifter, penguin lover, diet soft-drink drinker, hat wearer, ice hockey fanatic, Apple fanboy, New Zealand enthusiast, walking heater

Nikola Stepanovic Art Director

Communication designer, Uncle, Morning person, Benz & Eames fan, Vegetarian, Dreamer, Flea market visitor, Europe fan, Positive thinker

Axel Beyer Copywriting

full of character(s), hyphenator, write-aholic, one-voice checker, neologist, sarcasmophile, gadget lover, Mac head, trend scout, made in East Germany, home cineaste, PlayStation guru, treadmill runner, road racer

Kim Schewe Managing Director

listener, tonality advisor, on-demand writer, copy polisher, claim staker, computer whiz, rule slider,vinyl scavenger, soccer player, Haribo gummy bearer, calculator, travel addict, Mannheimer, hobby horse polo co-inventor

Caroline Herrmann Project Management

Cappuccino lover, organisational talent, outdoors fan, balcony gardener, morning grouch, always on time, communications expert, resolver of chaos, adventure seeker, gummy bear devourer, Cheshire Cat

Christin Jäger Executive Assistant

Office manager, food lover, half Filipino, always calm, organisational talent, 174bpm listener, late sleeper, gym-goer, TV junkie, soy latte fan, positive thinker, constant smiler, to-do-list enthusiast, sun worshipper, ex-soccer player

Andreas Müller Copywriting

text twister, philosopher, deadpan joker, intellectual, coffeeholic, Nietzschean, outside-the-box thinker, walking encyclopedia, cynic, black wearer, film buff, calm exuder

Sina Albrecht Copywriting

Northern light, wine enthusiast, bookworm, year-round allergy sufferer, dog devotee, meek mathematician, wannabe snowboarder, conversationalist, pencil doodler, unconventional thinker, positivity promoter, dubious storyteller, bashful ball sports player, eternal optimist

Carina Drexler Editorial Team

German philologist, economics mind, language lover, good listener, team player, optimist, communicator, long-distance hiker, solution finder, spelling bee, bookworm, go-getter, amateur photographer, organisational talent, TV addict, always ambitious

Marija Stjepandic Partner

chaos tamer, name speller, process analyst, social networker, possibility promoter, Polaroid pal, analogist, cycling-rowing-sailing-outdoorer, genuine Croatian, hispanophile, kitchen queen

Nadine Keßler Art Director

Creative spirit, Backcourt handball player, Proud Palatine, Team player, Wine lover, Always optimistic, Wannabee author, Fully focused, Blondie, Dreamer, Superfood junkie, Binge-watcher, Soundtrack fanatic

Carolin Wagner Social Media Manager

Queen of tarts, Amigurumi crocheter, Horror nut, Gamer girl, Hamburg lover, Home is where die Pfalz is, High German speaker, Yogini, Sustainability supporter, Punk at heart

Jan Hofmann Projectmanagement

South Hessian, marketing maestro, double-checker, Scandinavia lover, Star Wars scholar, US sports spectator, nature nurturer, political debater, history enthusiast, all-inclusive holiday refuser

Christian Schmahl Design

Jungbusch dweller, scenery photoshopper, father vs. son gamer, poker face pro, fantastic phone voice, verbal virtuoso, mid-meeting scribbler, design minimalist, hates construction sites in photos, left-alignment loyalist

Kristina van Cleave Event Management

trade fair expert, globetrotter, exhibitor manager, Franconian, “Dirndl” wearer, yoga apostle, partner manager, amateur gardener, USA connoisseur, destination marketer, down-to-earth, snowsports athlete, English preferrer

Tobias Braner CEO Triggercode

IT strategist, IT idealist, interested in innovation, quality assurer, tech junkie, cunning coder, logic lover, rational thinker, black coffee drinker, original Odenwalder, badminton player

Elliot Edwards Editorial Team

Brewed in Manchester, Bottled in Mannheim: String-twiddler, CAMRA card-holder, Camper van upholder, Bitter Blue, Realist, Romanticist, Indie-rock revivalist

Jessy Schreieck Project Management

Small talk queen, Care bear, Warm-hearted, Printelligent, Men’s ballet coach, Sweet-natured Palatine, Post-It lover, Spritzer slurper, ”Tell me a (anti-)joke!”, Goats’ cheese fanatic, Kitty mom, Word association champ, Mood lifter

Laura Tietz Project Management

At home in Heidelberg, Experimenter of cutting-edge cupcake creations, Perfectionist, Turned a passion into a profession, Always optimistic, Kraftklub fan, Work and study juggler, Stress-release baker, Trampolinist, London lover, The embodiment of German punctuality, 90s dancefloor dweller

Markus Ritter Developer Triggercode

Tech wizard, Linux user, softtop driver, >120 bpm listener, feed reader, gadget lover, image processor, console.log()er, plain black coffee drinker, part-time craftsman, tinkerer, stoops under door frames, spice enthusiast, team Android

Sebastian Callies Managing Partner

man of conviction, conceptualist, passionate writer, questioner, rephraser, subject finder, bookworm, musician, Waldhof fan, series watcher, presenter, media expert, always online

Lena Herrle Trainee Copywriting

Cat enthusiast, Motorcyclist, Snow angel, Amateur astrologist, Film buff, Series binger, Supernaturalist, Part-time yogi, Moon howler, Literature lover, Cake-a-holic, Bavarian-born High-German speaker

Nicolas Merkel Copywriting

Noun ninja, Web 2.0 enthusiast, Lord of Ludwigshafen, occasional binge reader, mellow metalhead, gamer, amateur muscle man, daily commuter, proud nerd, specs-ulator, computer constructor, original Badener, master of memes.

Ramona Scherrer Copywriting

Success story writer, dash devotee, stress reliever, repetition remover, (hobby) pony rider, chocolate biscuit lover, peace and quiet seeker, headline hunter, born west of the Rhine

Kurt Panton Copywriting

Let’s go for a run. Reader. Writer. Jedi. Reggae music lover. Live concert ticket holder. Road tripper. Eternal optimist. Only in Jamaica Red Stripe drinker. Let’s do this.

Josh Brecht Creative Director

Ideas man, brand builder, symbol scribbler, evening stroller, audiobook fanatic, Tom Waits fan, super sketcher, concept creator, logo maker, aesthetics authority, string plucker, typography trailblazer, seasonal beard wearer

Patrick Schüßler Project Management

Video specialist, cheerfulness spreader, media manager, Mr. Super Punctual, “The Bock Master”, Odenwald-born, SV Waldhof fan, Italy enthusiast, cyclist, raver

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