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The AI brand revolution


Impressive brand successes such as those of Tesla or Red Bull are no coincidence, but the result of clear strategies. These companies started out with a strong vision and have developed into industry leaders. Tesla has revolutionized the world of electric mobility, Red Bull has created a culture of adventure.

Now our AI Brand Consultant offers you the opportunity to develop the foundations for your unique brand at a rapid pace – based on ChatGPT 4o, the most powerful version of OpenAI.

You get an excellent starting point for your communication. But human intuition and experience are still crucial for distinctive brands. Our team is ready to refine the results of the AI brand consultant with you.

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Instant access

Use our AI brand consultant here and now, free of charge.

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Clear strategy

Create a sound initial basis for your brand communication – you can work out everything else with our team.

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Time saving

Achieve in minutes what used to take weeks – a strategic basis for your communication.

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Receive your analysis results as a PDF directly after you have completed the session with the AI brand consultant.

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions about our AI brand consultant

What can I expect from the AI Brand Consultant?

The AI Brand Consultant is designed to help you get started with systematic brand work. It provides initial strategic recommendations based on your responses to specific brand-related questions. This analysis aims to offer an outlook on how you can further develop and position your brand. Please note that this is an initial step and in-depth brand work with a professional brand agency is recommended.

How reliable are the results of the AI Brand Consultant?

The reliability of the AI’s recommendations depends greatly on the quality and relevance of the information provided. Our AI, powered by OpenAI’s Chat GPT-4, is continually updated and refined to deliver accurate analyses. The data is not used for AI training, and the analyses are conducted on German servers, though there may be limited data exchange with US systems. Our privacy policy offers comprehensive information on data protection.

How do you protect my data and privacy?

We take data protection very seriously. We request that you refrain from entering any personal data, such as names or addresses, into the tool. Your data is processed on German servers, and only the necessary data is exchanged with the OpenAI systems. All further information on data processing and the protection of your privacy can be found in our privacy policy.

Is the AI Brand Consultant a substitute for professional brand consultancy?

The AI Brand Consultant is designed to serve as an initial point of reference and to assist you in the early stages of brand development. However, it is not a replacement for the comprehensive and personalised support provided by a professional brand strategist. For a more thorough analysis and personalised consultation, we recommend reaching out to our experts.

What should I do if the AI Brand Consultant’s recommendations do not meet my expectations?

We understand that an AI cannot always fully respond to individual brand situations. If you are not satisfied with the automated recommendations, we invite you to get in touch with our brand experts for a personal consultation. They can provide advice tailored to your specific needs.

Is it possible to implement a customised AI Brand Consultant for our company?

Absolutely, this option is available to you. We specialise in developing an AI Brand Consultant that is tailored to your company’s specific requirements and goals. We can also integrate AI solutions of your choice. The integrated, customised brand expertise is crucial. A specialised system enables you to develop brands more effectively across the group and to design and develop them according to your own specifications. This is particularly worthwhile for companies with a large number of new products, product families, and many different services, brands, and sub-brands. The investment costs pay for themselves after just a few completed projects. Contact us, and we will be happy to help you develop your customised solution.

Can other AI tools be developed for our company?

In addition to our focus on AI brand consulting, we also develop other AI tools for your company. Our prompt engineering experts have the necessary know-how to program and integrate AI solutions of your choice for your specific application. In doing so, we ensure that the AI tool can only be used for its intended purpose and that data protection regulations are complied with. Contact us and we will be happy to help you determine your requirements and develop your individual AI solution.

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