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Offering a huge range of products, top-quality services, and worldwide operations, SKF Marine fully understands the challenges of the maritime sector. The company wanted to share its unique industry expertise in completely new ways in order to even more effectively engage with its target market.


We established a content platform for these niche topics: the online magazine Engineering at Sea.

Strategy and Execution

  • We collaborated with the SKF Marine communications team, senior management, and sales and technology experts to design a comprehensive content marketing strategy.
  • Together, we developed the key messages and tone of voice, and implemented the content in text and images.
  • We are also responsible for the programming and the distribution of content across multiple channels, including performance monitoring.


30,000 readers from the target group in 2017

Average time spent on page is around 6 minutes

Independent media read the articles and use the content hub as a source of information

Marija Stjepandic

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