Deutsche Messe AG

Rebranding of an Icon



The world’s largest IT trade fair CEBIT is reinventing itself. With a new concept and a new date in June, CEBIT will appeal to a wider audience and create a new home for digital transformation in Europe. We’re supporting the relaunch of this iconic trade fair. Core concept: A B2B event can also be fun.


We tell the story of how people of all ages, from all industries are working together to realize the opportunities that digitization has to offer to Europe. In spite of any obstacles, dangers or risks, we are optimistic about how the power of digitization can be used to benefit everyone.

Strategy and Implementation

Co-creation during the development stages of the new trade fair. Customers and agencies work continually together, with regular reconciliation. Results are immediately used for communication and then developed further. Brand and communication strategy come from a single source. We call it “fluid brand management”.

  • Development of new logo and corporate design
  • Development of brand presence
  • Optimization of presentations
  • Realisation of image and marketing films
  • Social media communication
  • Out-of-home media tools
  • Online campaign for ticket sales
  • etc.


Attractive re-positioning of CEBIT, as shown by contributions on all leading social media channels

Areas sold already at level from whole of previous year

Change process driven from within the organization

Rebranding of an Icon