Tata Consultancy Services

Integrated Campaign for Digital Study 2017

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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a daughter company of Indian Tata Group, is one of the three leading brands in the international world of IT services. According to the marketing from 2017 digital study, we needed to position TCS as a thought leader and strategic partner for consultation for digital transformation. Increase brand recognition and transparency in the B2B environment, as well as trust in the press for German speaking market. At the same time, leads needed to be generated.


Summarized study results as “Germany finally on the go?” story. Processed content into one attractive design with easy-to-digest morsels – an innovative data storytelling approach. The study stands out from often stuffy surveys and research analyses from other consultancies.

Strategy and Implementation

  • Comprehensive campaign concept developed – from lead idea to success management
  • Core message from 60 pages identified and worked into animated graphics
  • Videos with industry-specific results designed and created for YouTube
  • Landing page including self-test for digitization and study-download programmed
  • Target group oriented social media advertising planned and implemented


Most successful TCS campaign on the German market to date

11,000+ landing page visitors

More than 800 study downloads in first month alone

10,000+ YouTube views

870.000+ impressions from ads and social media posts

Average time spent on landing page: 5.5 (!) minutes

Over 60 independent press stories about the study

Successful Campaign for Study