“A Combination of Figure Skating, Pony Riding and Tap Dance“

Fiery steeds and daredevil deeds in the saddle at the music festival of the year: Communications agency Callies & Schewe is bringing hobbyhorse dressage to Maifeld Derby 2014. Roughly 60 indie artists from around the world performed on Mannheim’s Maimarkt Grounds. On Sunday, June 1st, festival fans will compete in the first ever hobbyhorse dressage event with compulsory and freestyle sections.


“Hobbyhorse dressage is a combination of figure skating, pony riding and tap dance. It’s the perfect sport for people who can move gracefully,“ explains Kim Schewe, Managing Director of the agency – which is why he’ll be on the jury and not taking part in the event.

The sport can trace its roots to Victorian royal court games, but it lost out to lawn tennis and faded into obscurity. “Maifeld Derby is the perfect occasion to restore hobbyhorse dressage to its rightful standing. Where else can you meet roughly 5,000 open-minded young people?” says Sebastian Callies, co-owner of the agency.

Only the best horses.

The company spared no expense to have industrially-carved dressage horses like the 13-year old grey gelding Sputnik Häberle flown in specially for the event. Competitors enter at their own risk. “However, no animals will be harmed during the competition,” assures Callies. For more information on the dressage figures to be performed and attractive prizes, see: www.steckenpferd-dressur.de

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