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Mannheimer brand agency Callies & Schewe moves into the historic Darleihkasse in B2

Sebastian Callies (Managing Director), Kim Schewe (Managing Director) und Marija Stjepandic (Partner)

Mannheim. More than a century ago, resourceful Mannheim entrepreneurs financed the industrialisation of their city from here. Then sociological research was carried out on the same site for decades. Now the future of communication is being created here: the former “Darleihkasse” in square B2.1 is the new home of the brand agency Callies & Schewe. Last year, the four floors and the inner courtyard were extensively renovated. The centrepiece is large studio space on the ground floor with an opulent bar and café. “It is a privilege to bring this historic building back to life and to work here with our clients on the brand world of tomorrow,” says Managing Director Sebastian Callies. “We are convinced that the best ideas come from direct exchange and we have been able to create the ideal atmosphere for this here,” says his partner Kim Schewe. The two owners have invested considerably in the office equipment and the guest area.

Place of pioneering achievements

Inaugurated on the occasion of the city’s 300th anniversary in 1907, the building stands on the site of a former aristocratic palace. The richly decorated sandstone façade in neo-Renaissance style is impressive. This is adorned with portraits and busts of the Palatine electors as well as six large panels with scenes from the city’s industrial history. “The future needs origins. The building is a reminder of the entrepreneurial achievements of Mannheim’s pioneers of the 20th century. We want to tie in with this chapter,” says Kim Schewe. Fibre optic technology has found its way into the interior of the building. The new glass exterior lift opens up an impressive distant view over the city, and brand specialists work out their ideas on large interactive displays.

Creative space is not neglected either: the vault, hidden behind an impressive steel door, has been transformed into an arcade room. In various quiet zones on the floors, the teams can also relax after strenuous phases.

Success story from Mannheim’s start-up centres

The company’s success story began 15 years ago in the then newly opened Mafinex business incubator. The two trained journalists Kim Schewe and Sebastian Callies opened an office for text and conception. The agency grew quickly and was able to make a name for itself internationally – especially in the field of business-to-business communication, i.e. promotional communication among business clients. In B2, the 40-member team develops logos, product names, brand worlds and multilingual editorial offers in text, sound and image. Clients include leading listed technology and consulting companies as well as hidden champions from Germany, Sweden, India and the USA.

Entry into brand development of consumer goods

This client portfolio is expected to grow over the next few years, as is the range of services. “We are currently entering the development and marketing of consumer goods brands,” says Sebastian Callies. The management team also includes partner Marija Stjepandic, who was one of the first employees and is now an authorised signatory. She too is looking forward to the next step: “I can’t wait to work with our clients on their brand success in this inspiring environment.”

The top floor is home to the agency’s associated software company triggercode, which specialises in customised IT developments and is run by Tobias Braner.

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