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Premium Services for your LinkedIn Profile

Your success on LinkedIn starts here.

There was a time when name and reputation were consolidated through deeds and words on the stage of everyday life. This required investment in time and money, endless travel, countless meetings and handshakes.

But that has changed. Today, it is digital marketplaces like LinkedIn that serve as the arena for presenting and marketing one’s own personal brand, products and services.

As a leading LinkedIn agency, we have optimized and managed the profiles of over 100 outstanding personalities and helped them achieve greater visibility. Benefit from this experience, gained by working with the world’s leading technology companies. Make the most of LinkedIn – with us at your side!

What characterizes successful personal branding?

Understanding the target group

Successful people know the magic formula: They know exactly which messages resonate. And how they touch the hearts of their target group on LinkedIn and move them to action.


Content may be king, but the real magic lies in relevance and timing. It’s about providing the right content at the right time. Presented by a credible source. It’s the finely tuned choreography of “what”, “when”, “where” and “who”.


Today, the most effective messages and stories spread from person to person. Your own LinkedIn network acts as an amplifier that shares your content authentically and enthusiastically. This type of publicity can also pave the way for you in the traditional mass media.

Premium-Services for Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

The world’s largest business network is the ideal place to:

  • Establish a sought-after positioning
  • Gain relevance in your own market
  • Gain attention for your own causes
  • Become better known
  • Gain new orders and employees independently

Not only does your company benefit from this, but also you personally:

Expansion of your network:

New contacts often bring a boost. Expanding your LinkedIn network not only makes it much easier to acquire new customers and employees. It also helps you personally and creates connections from which you can benefit in the long term.

Increase your brand awareness:

Every post you publish increases your visibility on LinkedIn. Directly within your target group! We focus on specialist topics, top quality and good community management. In this way, we present you on LinkedIn in such a way that you make a lasting name for yourself.

Building your personal brand on LinkedIn:

People buy from people. The better you position yourself as a person, the more successful your company will be. Your customers buy your expertise, your likeability and the person behind the offer. No matter where your (professional) path will take you: You as a brand can only benefit.

Get your free and non-binding LinkedIn analysis

Show the diversity of your personality: Our experts have worked out psychological patterns that can make statements about you and your potential. You will learn, among other things:

  • How appealing is my profile picture?
  • Is my content interesting for my target group?
  • How positive is my impact and how can I strengthen it?
  • What kind of people will follow me on LinkedIn?
Linkedin Profil optimieren

The richest people in the world
build networks.
The others search for work.

Robert Kiyosaki


Who is the LinkedIn service suitable for?

Our LinkedIn service is suitable for anyone who is responsible for growth in their company. C-level executives, team leads or department heads who also want to work on their personal brand.

What exactly do I get?

The first step is to optimize your LinkedIn profile. We then systematically expand your network on LinkedIn and connect you with decision-makers. In addition, our LinkedIn experts create relevant content for your target group and thus achieve qualitative and sustainable inbound inquiries.

How much time does it cost me?

After a joint onboarding, the exchange takes place weekly (approx. one hour). There we agree on topics that provide you with the best possible content and visibility.

Who assures me of the quality and accuracy of the content?

Our team consists of experienced copywriters who are in tune with the times and your individual tone. We adhere strictly to quality standards and deliver tailor-made texts and content that you won’t get anywhere else.

Request your free LinkedIn profile analysis now!

Your benefits:

  • More orders
  • Increase awareness
  • Strengthen your personal brand
  • Independence
  • Better applicants
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