Finding Opportunities During a Standstill: B2B Communication in a Pandemic

The German economy has put on the breaks, and many planned marketing and brand activities have hit the pause button. We have deliberately held back with an assessment thus far. But now, based on our experience, we have a few tips for effective communication during these uncertain times.

1. Strengthen the Organization

Internal communication – fast, clear, and human
Many people around the world are going through a period of uncertainty and fear unlike anything they have experienced before. Companies are faltering, while politicians seem to change their strategy almost every day. Managers must now be transparent in informing their staff about their own crisis strategy, and they must do so on an ongoing basis. Knowing where you stand when facing a crisis enables you to mobilize resources to overcome the associated challenges. The sound and tone of the internal messaging must be motivating, reassuring, and appropriate for the seriousness of the situation. Newsletters, podcasts, videos, and memos are all easy-to-set-up communication mediums that can help you reach your people.

Brand management – at high speed with fewer rules
We are living an example of how a crisis can quickly turn an entire country into an agile work experiment. Aid payments arrive after a few days, companies switch overnight to produce crisis-related products, clinics add beds in just a few weeks. What normally takes a torturous amount of time is now, thanks to unprecedented cooperation, achieved immediately. Speed above perfection. The situation may act as inspiration for the brand managers of the future. Fewer rules, faster implementation, more courage to try things out. Use this time to adapt your brand accordingly and relax your communication rules. The world is too unpredictable for rigid guidelines.

2. Stabilize the Brand and Secure Residual Demand

Advertisements – less expensive than ever, with a huge reach
Unfortunately, there is only one real topic at the moment, because people and companies see themselves in survival mode. That’s why CPMs are bargain-basement, even on websites with the greatest reach. Nevertheless, it’s worth taking a close look here, because eventually the acute phase of the crisis will pass. Anyone who is still in a solid position and wants to strengthen their digital business should be thinking – perhaps for the first time ever – about online campaigns now. It is essential that you take a creative approach to the current situation and do not sell any “perfect world” scenarios (yet); instead, convey a benefit. Currently, discounts of up to 80% for ads are easily achievable with a fivefold increase in reach, in some cases.

Sales – massive digitization
The crisis is accelerating corporate transformations. For some, unfortunately, it is probably already too late. Video conferencing was the big thing when it came to working from home. Now, after the initial shock, broad initiatives for digital selling are finally starting: LinkedIn training and campaigns, digital showcases, and online events. Just give it a try, maybe there’s even opportunities for virtual reality. Our prognosis: B2B business in the virtual space works much better than most people previously thought. This trend will establish itself beyond the crisis and permanently change our everyday life.

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