Finding Opportunities During a Standstill: B2B Communication in a Pandemic

The German economy has put on the breaks, and many planned marketing and brand activities have hit the pause button. We have deliberately held back with an assessment thus far. But now, based on our experience, we have a few tips for effective communication during these uncertain times.

Lost in Translation? Why Localisation Is Crucial in Global Communications

To be authentic is to be true to who you are. But for global brands, that is easier said than done. How can you convey a consistent message and corporate identity in upwards of 20 languages? How do you appeal to cultures that have drastically different expectations? The first step is to know your readers.

Fake News? The Search For Reality and Its Consequences

Today, everything can be both false and true at the same time. What does this mean for communication? Here, a few thoughts on the New Year starring Napoleon, Trump, and other influencers.

How to Centre around Your Customers

Customer centricity. A Google search for this term returns over 500,000 results, despite its apparently obvious definition. Because what else should a company centre around, if not its customers? The heightened use of the term speaks volumes. Evidently many managers sense that their business is too heavily focused on products and processes – the need for a more service-orientated mentality is clear.

Digitization: What We Can Learn from Seneca

From Silicon Valley, back to Europe: The ancient school of thought known as Stoicism teaches people how to deal with uncertainty. Perfect for these chaotic times.

Estonia’s Transformation: From Soviet State to Digital Pioneer

By guest writer Florian Hartleb

Estonia’s digital transformation is well underway. In the former Soviet state, SIM cards serve as ID and tax returns are filed at the click of a mouse. In 2009, a company was established in a world-record 18 minutes and 3 seconds. Welcome to the Europe’s very own Silicon Valley.

Die digitale Unterschrift ist in Estland rechtsverbindlich und üblich.

The Infographic Is Dead. Long Live the Infographic!

Standardized infographics rule the Internet. But are they losing their appeal? Here’s our creative director’s take on the situation:

What exactly is ‘quality’ in content marketing? (Part 1)

After my keynote at CMCX16, several participants approached me regarding one of my speech’s key topics—quality. But how can content quality be defined?

Fifteen Seconds Festival: Five Marketing Trends from Graz

We attended Europe’s liveliest marketing festival. Here are a few trends we spotted.

Communication: What We Can Learn from the Brexit Campaigns

Great Britain has decided. After months of fierce campaigning, Brexit triumphed by a narrow margin. Here’s how Leave won over the majority and what went wrong for Remain: