Infographics: More than Pretty Padding

Infographics are more than just decoration, but are often only used as padding. Relevant content and interesting insights are frequently conspicuous by their absence.

Really good infographics can do more. They support product promises with crystal clear facts. Tables turn into striking images, columns of numbers into appealing diagrams. The accompanying texts hone the content, making every point more convincing. Of course, the target group must be interested in the content, which must be implemented professionally – especially for B2B business.

Lighthouses in the flood of information

Every day, we are confronted with the information equivalent of 174 newspapers. We only actually take in one percent of that. Infographics form part of this one percent. That is because our brain processes visual messages extremely fast – and infographics provide these messages in one fell swoop. That hits the target.

Totally viral

Infographics are easy to distribute and are eye-catchers on any social platform, in any blog or website. For example, they are shared eight times more frequently than text-based articles on Twitter. They are also popping up more and more in search results. That makes them extremely effective traffic drivers.


Professional infographics combine the advantages of texts and images, information and visual brilliance. They elegantly overcome the customer’s attention threshold and convince them with clear messages. Check out some of our examples.

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