10 Jahre Callies & Schewe

Our 10 Year Anniversary Celebration in the Tankturm

Award-winning architecture, a collective art project that included all guests, and all the ingredients of a successful party. On October 2 nd , 2018 we celebrated our tenth anniversary with around 180 customers, partners, and friends in the Heidelberg Tankturm – an old water refilling station for steam trains. What a wonderful evening it was…

German Brand Award for Tata Consultancy Services

The campaign “Deutschland endlich auf dem Sprung?”  of the IT service provider Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and the agency Callies & Schewe has been awarded the German Brand Award in the category ‘Brand Creation – Storytelling & Content Marketing’. The campaign was convincing with its comprehensible and exciting presentation of a study on digitisation.

German Brand Award for CEBIT brand relaunch

In Berlin, the German Design Council (Rat für Formgebung) awarded the brand relaunch of CEBIT to Europe’s Business_Festival for Innovation and Digitization a “Special Mention”. In the category “Brand Design”, the new appearance is one of the best brand appearances in Germany. There were more than 1,200 entries in the competition. The Mannheim agency Callies & Schewe is responsible for the new logo and design.

German Brand Award for HIMA brand relaunch

The German Design Council (Rat für Formgebung) has awarded the brand image of the Brühl-based family-owned company HIMA a winner at the German Brand Award in Berlin. In the “Industry Excellence in Branding” category, the new look is one of the best brand strategies in Germany. The new logo, the design and the new positioning “Smart Safety” were developed together with the communication agency Callies & Schewe from Mannheim.

Dirk Bolz, Director Global Marketing, HIMA

New Consulting Lab Opens

Ideas for product launches, approaches to strategic market positioning, or a critical business model assessment: In the new 300 square meter consulting lab at Callies & Schewe customers, consultants, and creatives work together on the B2B communication of tomorrow. 

How to Centre around Your Customers

Customer centricity. A Google search for this term returns over 500,000 results, despite its apparently obvious definition. Because what else should a company centre around, if not its customers? The heightened use of the term speaks volumes. Evidently many managers sense that their business is too heavily focused on products and processes – the need for a more service-orientated mentality is clear.

Digitization: What We Can Learn from Seneca

From Silicon Valley, back to Europe: The ancient school of thought known as Stoicism teaches people how to deal with uncertainty. Perfect for these chaotic times.

Develop Strategic Content for Your Brand – with the Content Strategy Canvas

Most content marketing strategies fail because they are designed for a single campaign – rather than to promote a brand. The Content Strategy Canvas helps companies avoid this costly error. You can download the powerful content-creation tool at the bottom of this article – completely free of charge.

Five Books to Improve Your Advertising Skills

Advertising is a business of words. But the industry is still rife with dreadful copy. These five books could help.

Employer Branding for Generation Y: How to Win the War for Talent

Millennials have more opportunities than any previous generation – and as a result, they are more discerning when choosing a job. Here’s how employers can keep up.