How to Centre around Your Customers

Customer centricity. A Google search for this term returns over 500,000 results, despite its apparently obvious definition. Because what else should a company centre around, if not its customers? The heightened use of the term speaks volumes. Evidently many managers sense that their business is too heavily focused on products and processes – the need for a more service-orientated mentality is clear.

Digitization: What We Can Learn from Seneca

From Silicon Valley, back to Europe: The ancient school of thought known as Stoicism teaches people how to deal with uncertainty. Perfect for these chaotic times.

Develop Strategic Content for Your Brand – with the Content Strategy Canvas

Most content marketing strategies fail because they are designed for a single campaign – rather than to promote a brand. The Content Strategy Canvas helps companies avoid this costly error. You can download the powerful content-creation tool at the bottom of this article – completely free of charge.

Five Books to Improve Your Advertising Skills

Advertising is a business of words. But the industry is still rife with dreadful copy. These five books could help.

Employer Branding for Generation Y: How to Win the War for Talent

Millennials have more opportunities than any previous generation – and as a result, they are more discerning when choosing a job. Here’s how employers can keep up.

Estonia’s Transformation: From Soviet State to Digital Pioneer

By guest writer Florian Hartleb

Estonia’s digital transformation is well underway. In the former Soviet state, SIM cards serve as ID and tax returns are filed at the click of a mouse. In 2009, a company was established in a world-record 18 minutes and 3 seconds. Welcome to the Europe’s very own Silicon Valley.

Die digitale Unterschrift ist in Estland rechtsverbindlich und üblich.

Winners of a German Brand Award 2016

Our development of Tata Consultancy Services’ employer brand has won a German Brand Award 2016.

Branding for University Hospital Heidelberg

Bringing University Hospital Heidelberg’s branding into the digital age.

The Infographic Is Dead. Long Live the Infographic!

Standardized infographics rule the Internet. But are they losing their appeal? Here’s our creative director’s take on the situation:

What exactly is ‘quality’ in content marketing? (Part 1)

After my keynote at CMCX16, several participants approached me regarding one of my speech’s key topics—quality. But how can content quality be defined?