Why Blogs Remain Indispensable

Don’t let reports that the blog hype is over fool you. The publishing tool remains a key element of every PR and marketing strategy on the web.

Callies & Schewe, One Year On

Callies and Schewe opened for business exactly twelve months ago.

Communication: Three Lessons from the Klinsmann Crisis

Not swine flu, not the economic collapse – no, Jürgen Klinsmann’s dismissal was this week’s top subject. The end of a media manhunt.

Finally: German Savings Banks Launch Website on the Financial Crisis

It’s about time: The German Association of Savings Banks (DSGV) is surfing the waves of the financial crisis with its own image campaign.

Starting over again

Happy New Year 2009!

Best Practice: Learning from Marillion

Thousands pre-ordered their record before it was even composed. On YouTube, millions of users clicked the videos for their current single, without the band investing a single cent in producing them. And the fans dutifully ordered the double-album through their website, although the songs had long been available as free downloads. Marillion may make musty music, but when it comes to authentic branding, the Brits are at the cutting edge.

What’s Behind Barack Obama’s Success?

His election campaign was a masterpiece of communication. Six success factors from Barack Obama’s campaign – A non-exhaustive list in no particular order.

Callies & Schewe in Horizont

The latest issue of trade journal Horizont focuses on the image loss of credit institutes, and spoke to us about it.

The Silence of the Banks

When it simply states that German savers’ savings are fully guaranteed at lunchtime on a Sunday, no one questions the good intentions of the German Government. However, this “reassuring” message for small-deposit savers came out of the blue yesterday – as nobody in Germany had seriously thought they could lose all of their savings. If the situation really was that bad, their bank would have contacted them. But they haven’t been in touch.

Step Right Up!

We’ve ready and on our way. Welcome! And, as soon as our telephone provider feels like connecting us, you will soon be able to contact us by phone, not just virtually.